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Emma Towers-Evans is a London-based graphite and pencil artist who specialises in realism and hyper-realism. Emma works exclusively with graphite and wax pencils without the use of colour creating an emphasis on contrast and detail. In 2017 Emma studied with well-known hyper-realist, Dirk Dzimirsky - an opportunity which allowed her to further hone her craft.


To celebrate International Women’s Day 2019 three of Emma’s portraits are being exhibited in the building. ‘Melody’ and ‘Conceal’ are both studies in texture with the former being a study of hair texture and the latter being a study of skin texture. ‘Instavalidation’ is a self-portrait showing women in a more natural way with messy hair, uneven skin and an exposing expression portraying her in a more vulnerable state. Each portrait is presented in a square ratio, similar to an Instamatic photograph, and explores how we view ourselves and how we choose to present ourselves.



You can see Emma’s work on display located by the Mezz over the next week.

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