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The Textile Institute, a professional body with a global membership in over 80 countries, has accredited Ravensbourne's BA (Hons) Fashion Buying & Brand Management course, naming the institution as a "Chartered Associate".

Associateship, or ATI accreditations are reserved for institutions that have demonstrated "a high level of knowledge in one specialist textile area", as well as a strong general knowledge of the textile industry, and a commitment to remaining current in their field. Each application is judged by a panel of experts and ratified by the professional qualifications committee.

Commenting, Caroline Gilbey, Associate Dean for the Department of Fashion, said: "We are delighted to receive an Associateship from The Textile Institute, an organisation which is highly regarded in the global textile industry."

"Receiving this accreditation is an indication of quality and excellence of provision, which was the aspiration when we launched the course. We are honoured to be awarded this commendation through an internationally-recognised peer assessment process. This secures us a place among the leading textile education bodies around the world.

"We're passionate about equipping students with not just the theory behind fashion buying and brand management, but also practical experience in fabric selection, fitness for purpose, textile innovation, sustainability and quality management. It's great that The Textile Institute have recognised this, as well as our commitment to staying future-focused by maintaining strong industry connections."

To learn more about Ravensbourne's BA (Hons) Fashion Buying & Brand Management, visit the course profile, here.

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