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Kirstie Wood
Illustrator/ Animator/Storyboard Artist

A recent Animation BA graduate, I am working freelance as an illustrator, storyboard artist and painter. My other skills include concept, design, editing for film, photography and 2D compositing. I am a dedicated and stylistically versatile artist, with a strong eye for detail and passion for the unique industries that are the arts and animation. I work in traditional 2D, although most recently I’ve had experience making an infographic video for a web channel as part of an ongoing series, a project which has introduced me to the world of motion graphics.




Jenny Doherty

I am currently a third year animation student with a strong interest in games and VR. I'm a 3D environment artist with aspirations to become a game environment designer. I specialise in 3D modelling and texturing.

I have experience working on a horror game as a modeller.

At the moment I am working on a competition piece for a 3d printing challenge on CG trader.

I am available for internships/work placements in the games industry.

portfolio -


Medeea Lascar Bahneanu   
Graphic Designer

A third year graphic design student, very interested in creative direction.

When working on projects I spend the most time on research and ideation. I make sure the concept is very strong, interesting and that it makes sense. This is why exploring the field of creative/art direction attracts me.

I have some experience in the industry, which I've gained through the two internships I have done so far. In my first internship, I was the marketing intern of a telecommunications company called Truphone. While there, I experienced what it was to work in a large corporate environment at an office in Canary Wharf. I designed many things for them including client newsletters, double page spread magazine adverts and even a trade show stand.

Currently, I am a creative intern at Geometry Global. So far this has been an amazing experience, where not only I have gained substantial new skills, but I have gotten involved on a number of exciting internal projects as well as client briefs.


Blai Escayola 
Sound Design / Location Recordist

I am a freelance Location Recordist and Sound Designer graduated from Ravensbourne, where I won the Nuno Leite Award for one of the final Sound Design projects of the course. In 2008 I studied an Electronic Music Producer course in S.A.E Barcelona.

I have experience in a wide variety of areas within sound recording and post-production, ranging from promotional corporate videos and documentaries, to film, animation and VR. I have recently worked on short films, such as, Tremble and Quake (2015), Chapter Two (2015), Eve (2016), The Forger (2016), Cuss Bad Wud (2017), feature films, such as, The Rizen (2016), the web series Death and all her Friends (2016), as well as, promotional corporate videos and documentary for Momentum Adventure, the U.K. interviews for Vlad TV, and the last music video for Goldie. 

My experience working on both production and post-production has provided me with a good insight of the professional conventions and practices employed within the industry. I am passionate about sound for image in all its forms, and that is why I always endeavour to gain new skills within the various areas of the craft. Particularly, how sound can alter audio-visual perception in cinema is a topic I researched thoroughly for my dissertation.

My recording equipment includes:

  • 3 Sennheiser EW 122-P G3 radio microphones
  • 1 Sennheiser 416 shotgun microphone
  • 1 Sound Devices 664 field mixer and recorder
  • 1 Rode Boom Pole Pro (3m) + Rycote Windshield and shock mount

Portfolio link:

Linkedin link:

Lisa Wilkie 
Editing/ writing/ production

Lisa is a Ravensbourne BA Editing & Post Production graduate with a good understanding of editing software such as Premier Pro, Avid Media Composer and Photoshop. She finds editing fun and loves being creative. 

She has a huge interest in history and period drama to the extent of writing a fantasy drama feature film and making a promo for it.

She was course rep in her final year, gaining praise for her responsible and engaging attitude with students and staff, which she's applied to helping create the final show of SEEDs 2017.


Alexia Kwateng-Amaning
Fashion Designer

I am currently in my second year at Ravensbourne studying Fashion (BA Hons) with a particular interest in textiles (digital print/ creating new fabrics) and creative pattern cutting.

have strong sewing skills using both domestic and industrial machines, proficient in pattern making/ creative pattern cutting, trend researching, textiles & print design, design development.

I am also excellent in using social media and the ability to use Adobe software including Photoshop

and Illustrator although I am also looking to expand and develop my skills within this area. I also have the ability to liaise well and build an excellent rapport with clients, suppliers and factories. 

I am a great communicator, confident, reliable and I have the ability to talk well to colleagues and clients politely, working well under pressure, meeting stringent deadlines and working in a fast paced and dynamic environment, always striving to complete tasks by the best of my ability.

I would love to be able to help out within a high end fashion label in both menswear and womenswear while I continue to study & take part in SEEDS.


Daniel Longe
Company Director/3D Artist

I am a 3D artist currently in my third year of Animation BA honorary degree and also currently freelance as a 3D artist different companies.

I have recently worked with AMV BBDO as a 3D visualisation artist working on the "Smart Cube" concepts for Martini; recently featured on The Independent and Wired. 3D design and modelling is my passion, as I am fascinated in precision modelling and achieving photorealistic quality in my designs.

I have started a 3D interactive company called "OMNIVRSE" that specialises in creating Virtual reality designs and walkthroughs for the Architectural and Product visualisation market. We have currently been partnering with interior design companies and  construction companies in order to showcase our services.

My aim is to develop Omnivrse as a company that dominates Europe in the field of 3D virtual reality designs and create new innovations that allow Virtual reality to migrate into different markets and industries.

Idowu Kukoyi
Production Coordinator

I am a  BA Digital TV graduate and freelance Production assistant, currently working as a  PA with Premier League Productions.

This role ties in very well with what I love to do the most and that is to organise and ensure the production runs smoothly and on budget. I enjoy working with spreadsheets, cost tracking, looking for locations for potential shoot and "always having allot to do" as I feel being thrown in the deep end I have found I have learnt loads in a short time.


Leon Lau
Motion Designer


I’m a recent Motion Graphics BA graduate at Ravensbourne University who has experience in 2D animation, graphic design and am also versatile in live action film.

Most recently I’ve had the opportunity interning at a couple design studios where I have worked closely with a design team at producing press kits for a few upcoming video gaming titles of 2017. As well as working on projects involving video editing, motion design for TV brands, print design and being a lead designer for an event.

What drives me to do what I do is for the enthusiasm to produce outcomes that is successful, appropriate and unique in different ways of realising something aesthetically awesome for anyone to say, ‘YES!’. In order for anyone to enjoy it and to hopefully be inspired by.

Currently I am focused on getting myself into the world as an independent motion designer and have hopes to freelance or finding my place at a design studio. Eventually one day I have hopes of finding my own agency and giving something back for the future generation of designers

Bianca Prince

A passionate designer and 2D animator who specialises in pre-production, branding and character design. Having recently graduated from Ravensbourne she has created content for award winning broadcasting companies such as The BBC & The Royal Shakespeare Company. She possesses a variety of multimedia skills including graphic design, Illustration, video editing, compositing, puppet style animation and hand drawn animation. Furthermore, she has shown an active interest in children’s TV as well as designing stills and animations for advertising campaigns. Currently directing an interactive YouTube series “Caught In The Act” with the vision of changing the way we view cartoon series through interactions. 

As Co-founder of i2b Media she provides effective design solution to help businesses grow faster. i2b Media services include graphic design, web design and motion graphics. As a company the aim is to make promotion a simple process that puts the clients first.

Definitely one to look out for in the foreseeable future.


­­email: biancaprinc­


Chris Szkoda   
Game Designer

What I hope from the games industry is to have an opportunity to work with them as a game designer to have an industry experience to create new games with innovation. I also want to try out the role as a Quality Assurance Tester because I spoke to a Game Developer from Kings that they recommend me to try another pathway of getting a foot in the games industry of becoming a game designer.

During my master course I had been working on games with software’s Unity and Unreal Engine 4, and now I am currently finishing my game project that based on my research THE INFLUENCE OF WELL- KNOWN ARTIST WORK ON GAME DESIGN such as the work of Giorgio de Chirico work for a Playstation game Journey.



Masters research

Masters Final Major Project game

Masters Final Major Project research paper


Aran Gibbs   
Composer & Music Production/Mixing

I am a freelance Composer/Music Producer who has recently graduated from Ravensbourne. My aim is to produce high quality music at an affordable price for any media, all within a computer. My company reflects this in its name “All in The Box” bespoke music composition and sound design.

Primarily, I am a Grade 8 Drummer, I have also taught myself Guitar, Bass, Vocals and Synthesis. I have a passion for vintage synthesizers and own the iconic Roland Juno 106 and the Roland SH 1000, the very first commercially available Roland synthesizer. 

During my studies I have worked on a range of different medias including TV, films, video games, radio adverts and studio recordings. My main passion is composing interactive music.


Kidst Ayalew 
Writer and Director

An Ethiopian born Director who has travelled extensively and lived in various places such as Kosovo and Yorkshire. This exploration of different parts of the globe has developed and sculpted my perception of the world and the way I show how is through Filmmaking. An accurate way of describing my directing style is Art House. This is due to its ability for me to work with the genre of drama to convey social realism whilst incorporating very abstract characters that are overcoming multitude of battles. For me, filmmaking is not about following the rules but instead an opportunity to raise a plethora of issues and serve it in a way to create a spark of interest as well as discomfort from the audience. Being from Ethiopia gives me a vantage point to express things differently and offer a fresh take on western film and influences both my writing and directing. I particularly enjoy working on Short Films, Music Videos and Fashion Films.

Charlotte Regan 
Writer and Director

I have been creating low budget music videos since I was 15, rappers on rooftops mostly! During this time I've created music videos for a massive range of artists from Netsky and Keaton Henson to Dot Rotten. I've always wanted to create narrative content and coming to Ravensbourne allowed me to meet some incredible crew members that I hope to work with for the rest of my career.

I most recently created my first short film ‘Standby’ which was nominated for a BAFTA as well as premiering at Toronto International Film Festival.


Storm Jude
Product Design

I am a  third year Product Design student, I’ve lately adopted the view that 'good design is a little design as possible’. however I do try to create new and unique looking products.

During the first two years I’ve work on live brief form Spectral Lighting, Marks and Spencer's as well as GRIP Action Group. Creating comical light fixtures, unique pizza box packing and design as well as a luxury tea brand.

I have quite a bit of experience using, Solidworks, InDesign, 3D printing, 3D model making and Photoshop over the summer I’ve been getting more failure with, Illustrator and 3Ds MAX, to help expand my skill set.

Me as a person, well I’m quite energetic and very passionate about a project when I am working on one. I a strange outlook on design, first I solve the problem in a very complex way then tune fine that idea into minimalist looking design. I’m a free flow thinking and quite easy to getting along with and chat too.

Mo Tizro
Product Designer

Experience within interior and designing companies has helped me gain the experience and knowledge needed to further pursue my carrier within Product/Interior design. I’m currently Project Manager of an office site looking at the architecture and designing the interior of it. This job is a great opportunity to show what I’m capable of doing and will give me a glimpse of what it’ll be like to run my own business. I have never applied for small jobs always like to be in charge of what I do.



Melody Macarthy
Sound Recordist

 I am Digital Film production graduate who found a real passion and drive for recording sound. I have recorded with Sennheiser G3 lavalier microphones, worked as a boom operator on short films, a sound assistant on feature films, a sound mixer trainee on music performances and television productions. I'm always willing to learn how to operate new technologies. My experience varies from live conferences, music gigs, interviews, features and a variety of short films.

Please find my showreel below:


Adrine Rose
Production Coordinator

I completed a BA  Digital TV production in summer and have just started a role in IMG as a production assistant at Premier League Productions.

Prior to this I have been an Intern at  B-Reel, a Researcher at Bisroca; a production runner at the National TV Awards; an event assistant at VRUK and Mozilla fest and a Floor Manager for the Royal Shakespeare Company.

In addition to picking up some runner roles while I was studying,  I have  been the team coordinator for the Ravensbourne Degree show 2016, helping the team produce the biggest graduate exhibition with a budget of £65,000.

My role at IMG has further fuelled my interest in working in Production.  I am also interested in being involved in other genres such as dramas, documentaries and entertainment.

Natasha Kirke
Illustrator/Animator/Storyboard Artist

I’m a 3rd year Animation student.

I have many interests within the Animation Industry and I am skilled in many areas such as:

  • 2D and 3D animation

  • 3D modeling

  • Compositing

  • Illustration

  • Storytelling

  • Storyboarding

  • Character Design

I’m good at creating characters and storytelling however my main interests 2D animation, Concept Art, Storyboarding and Illustration.

Apart from creating a short animated film and some illustrations for the BBC and collaborating on animations with classmates I have no experience within the animation industry.

I believe that the mentoring sessions have helped me develop as an individual and gain the knowledge and experience to become more professional within my career as an Animator and an artist.

I am an enthusiastic and reliable person and I work quickly. I also work well with others and I’m always open to suggestions.

I have examples of my work on my profile on Tumblr:

And Hiive:



Simona Knuchel

Motion Designer / Filmmaker / Director   

I am a motion graphic designer and have just finished my Masters degree in Moving Image. I have a wide range of experience within motion graphics, seeking opportunities to broaden my skill set.

I am a fast learner and easily adaptable; with a love of storytelling and typography in every way, especially in title design.

While working for a Swiss broadcast company for 8 years, I have been doing editing, colour grading, 2D- and 3D animations and title designs for lots of different programmes. I won an award by Eyes and Ears Europe for my work "Baroque – mon amour“ in Best lead-in "Culture“ ( and got honored for an explanation graphic I have produced for a documentary (

I enjoy the variety of my work but as I worked for so long in television it is not enough for me just to produce “nice pictures”. My love for storytelling, and especially for people whose stories got lost, made me produce a documentary about administrative custody in Switzerland as my final major project.

I believe that documentaries, presenting actual facts about genuine people, can enlarge our imagination, widen our horizons and present us insights of cultures we would otherwise never discover. They transport you into another world, to build an understanding of the struggles other people faced and the circumstances they lived in. Giving a voice and identity to the people who got lost in the story is something I am really passionate about.


Josie Kyan   

It feels as though I’ve spent most of my life learning to be a director. Although I didn’t start film directing until three years ago, I trained as an actor and dancer at Guildford School of Acting and The National Youth Theatre, and have studied improvisation under some of the top improvisors in the country (including members of ‘Showstopper! The Improvised Musical’).

This training influences the way I direct my performers on set; having had experience of being directed, I am conscious of the type of support my performers need from me as a director. With this in mind I am looking forward to acting in and directing a new play, ‘The Human Mating Dance’, which will debut in July. Furthermore, analysing countless stories and scripts over the years as an actor has also been hugely beneficial to my own writing.

Since 2015 I have written and directed two short films, a British comedy and a science fiction, which are just beginning their festival journey. My current projects have a much more visual focus, I’m enjoying using the forms of short film and art installation to experiment with a more abstract approach to film.

Although directing and fiction writing are mostly where my passions lie, I have begun developing a political website for launch by the 2020 elections. The aim is to use this website as a platform for reliable and unbiased information, through the medium of succinct, engaging videos. After the election I hope to develop the platform further, by expanding the subject matter to include charity focus, especially in relation to those affected by global conflict.

Alongside my own projects, I have had experience of paid work in; casting, on-screen interviewing, directing corporate videos, and first and third assistant directing. I always find it refreshing to get involved with other peoples ideas in these sort of roles.



John Rogers

When I started the SEEDS Program I was freelance, However In January I landed a role heading up the colour department at Coda Post Production in Charlotte Street. I work on everything from Music Promos for up and coming artists to commercials for Big Brands such as Jaguar, Volkswagen, Yo! Sushi, Purina and ASDA.


Emily Kemp


I am a recent graduate, currently working as a Runner at Platform Post Production. I have a passion for colour grading, having graded several student dramas and documentaries whilst studying at Ravensbourne. I’m also currently in the process of editing and grading a couple of long form pieces including a documentary on Hostel workers in Vietnam.

I love the creative and technical aspects of colour grading and look forward to gaining more experience within the field. I have experience working with DaVinci Resolve and am currently learning Nucoda and will begin learning how to use Baselight whilst working as a runner at Platform.  

I also enjoy offline editing. I am very experienced with Avid Media Composer and Adobe Premier Pro and love the process of assembling and perfecting an edit. I enjoy working within the comedy, drama and documentary genres and am always searching for exciting projects to work on.


Chiamaka Anyiam
Product Design/Research 

I am Chiamaka Anyiam, Product Design graduate and a budding Design Researcher. I have a huge interest in creating the backstory for products and services, linking them with prospective users and consumers and collecting information on how well the product or service was interacted with.

I believe research is an integral part of any product or service creation and I love to be part of the body of work that allows for good design to be produced.

Informal portfolio at:

Ayodeji Aroyewun
Product Design

I am currently a 3rd year Product designer in Ravensbourne university. I am seeking a position as a CAD designer and a lighting designer I want to be able to have the freedom to design different 3D lighting products on CAD softwares like Solidwoks, Keyshot and 3Ds Max. My skills are Solidworks, Keyshot, sketching, making, and currently learning 3Ds Max. I’m up for any Lighting and CAD design jobs that comes my way. My mission is to work for big lighting companies, driving in a new innovative idea into the lighting industry with my set of skills also putting a twist on lighting design ideas.

Since starting my University life in Ravensbourne (2014), I’ve done some freelance work in designing different models, Mic flag and packagings, I’ve also designed a wall light which was shortlisted for a lighting company called Spectral Lighting. I’ve just recently finished my internship with one of my tutors Evan Roskob, the internship was more focused on 3d printing sculptures that were made of bat sounds. The internship also consumed a lot of researching about the 3D printer we were using and why the prints kept failing. I’m currently on a freelance project, designing for my Ravensbourne library. I love creating things and during 2016 to 2017 I hope to contuse pushing myself creatively and explore new work opportunities.

Malachi Duncan
3D Artist


I am a 3D technical artist with a deep passion for texturing, shading/material creation, lighting and rendering.

 My previous experience involves starting up a company called OmniVrse where we create photorealistic virtual reality walkthroughs for architectural and design firms. Our previous work includes working on the new Abu Dhabi airport terminal, and a host of in house project. Prior to that I have experience working in Hong Kong for a major construction main contractor called Laing O’Rourke as a 3d generalist where I worked on projects like the Sidney Light Rail and Battersea power station.

My future aims are to grow omnivrse into the biggest 3d virtual reality service provider in Europe by pioneering new ways to move 3d file formats from auto cad and other design packages into Unreal engine and other real time rendering packages.

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