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Alte Ntshabele
Product designer

Currently, I have a Bachelors Degree in Product Design. I am seeking a design role at the moment to expand my experience and help me navigate into the role & career I can flourish in. All whilst I challenge myself with new projects.

During my years at Ravensbourne, I have worked on live briefs for companies such as Spectral Lighting, GRIP and Marks & Spencer’s. On top of that, I had freelance work with some clients looking to get their businesses off the ground by prototyping some of their designs, branding & logo design and promotional work.

I love being able to create, inspire others and solve problems. In the coming years, I hope to continue pushing myself in all ways & create opportunity for others and myself. 



Leah Ward

Interior/Spatial Designer

I am currently a freelance designer. I have also been involved in the designer and (soon to be) build of Robert Owen nursery playground, which is a competition brief that I and four other students won in July 2017.

From the past three years at Ravensbourne I have learnt that my interest lie within community design and installations, creating spaces for people to engage with their local surroundings and informing and sharing awareness on specific problems that the wider community may be facing.

This idea of awareness through design led me to my Final Major Project, which was based on designing a retail store, creating awareness about the fashion industry and the mass polluter, which is fast fashion and how consumers can combat this. My design was also featured in the Peninsulist Magazine and was nominated for the Ravensbourne Awards 2017 for contribution to design.

My future goals are to create a collective that engages with local communities through art and design, possibly taking these ideas also to festivals.

Enrique Munoz Jimenez  
Moving Image Creative, Technologist, Actor and Director

I have trained in different schools in the United Kingdom (MA Moving Image at Ravensbourne, Set Design short course at Central Saint Martins), Spain (BSc Aeronautical Engineering, Drama degree) and Italy (Scuola Internationale dell’Attore Comico with Antonio Fava).

I have worked in and out of the stage and camera as an actor, director, playwright, light designer, sound designer and set designer.

Currently, I am exploring the use of the new immersive technologies within the Performing Arts.

Billie Miller 
Interior Environment Designer

Whist studying at Ravensbourne I covered multiple disciplines such as commercial design, retail and workplace, thought all of my projects I tried to strongly develop the social aspect with some or all social benefit. This lead to my graduation from Ravensbourne in summer 2017 with aims to further developed my passion for small scale and social architecture.

Alongside my studies I often entered competitions such as NEWH hotel (Hotel interior design) and a landscaping design for a local nursery coming first in both. In addition throughout my time of study I did multiple internships that helped me to gathered a deeper understanding of commercial and retail design and developed skills of space planning and interior details. Following this I am currently working as an interior design assistant a TTSP.

In my spare time I try to travel as much as possible, allowing me to explore my love for architecture and design in different cities. I particularly enjoy seeing how old cities have evolved and the clashes of different styles of architecture.

George Velez Junior 
Screenwriter and Director

A Brazilian Screenwriter and Director on his third year in Digital Film Production. I’m passionate about telling stories with a social message, showing society’s day-to-day struggles but always with something to laugh about. Writing and directing dramas and comedies are my strongest points.

Being from Brazil and living in many places, getting to know many people of different culture gives me a great insight into the human mind. I’m always analysing and incorporating my experiences in my work.  I’ve worked on many short films that I’ve written and directed, you can find some of them on my Vimeo page

My main goal is working in fiction, whether is film or TV, but also interested in working in anything that tells a story.

Christopher Bamford
Film Editor

I am currently a third year (BA Hons) Editing and Post Production student at Ravensbourne.

Over the years, I have developed and crafted my skills on Avid Media Composer after many years of using Premiere Pro. However, once I got over that initial hurdle and made mistakes, it's now the only Non-Linear Editing System I use, and I love it.

I have a genuine passion for Editing, and my goal is to become an Offline Editor, specialising in Feature Dramas.

I currently work at ENVY as a Runner where I've learnt a lot of valuable skills and talked to many Executives, Edit Producers, Production Assistants and Editors and spoke to them about their experiences. I also do a lot of corporate films, one of which the BBC recently broadcasted.

During my time at Ravensbourne, I've learnt a lot of technical knowledge and how the industry interacts. I am a professional, reliable and hardworking individual. I have a passion and driven mind for anything that lies ahead of me and I always complete my work to the best of my ability and on time. 

Shaquilla Alexander
Junior Editor/Motion Designer

I am an editor and junior motion designer with a BA (Hons) degree in Editing and Post Production. I have now gone on to work for MPC, and I’m really excited to have the opportunity to work in the Film and Advertising industry.

Upon winning Ravensbourne's Distinguished Dissertation Award for my writing, I re-launched my film theory website, So The Theory Goes, as a way to make film research more accessible to students. I hope to grow this platform through mentorship in SEEDS

My responsibilities now include writing film articles and creating video essays, working with Press and Industry and leading a team of 10+ film writers.

Chris Eden-Green

I am a freelance film-maker who specialises in Camera Operation, Researching, Editing and Presenting.

I have my own equipment including a Canon XF305 camera with gun mic and tripod, a Sennheiser G3 Radio Mic kit, Konova Dolly Slider and professional editing software.

I work in a range of Film, TV and Corporate environments. My credits include being a Runner for the BBC and ITV, as well as internal communications videography in Her Majesty's Civil Service. I have produced and sold many of my own films in my free time.

Nico Carmandaye
Visual Artist & Aspiring Director 

With a cold north eastern wind, here comes Nico Carmandaye, a polish born multi- disciplinary, multi-tasking and multi-talented aspiring director and visual artists with a soft spot for home-made movies and DIY aesthetic. Classic Gemini so always involved with loads of different projects at the same time.

Working hard to earn the living in fashion business as styling assistant and occasionally a fashion supermodel, he tends to gravitate towards more visual side of things, but can also appreciate a good narrative. Andy Warhol super fan, with a thing for Italian directors from the 60s and 70s with Antonioni and Pasolini as absolute favourites. If everyone hates it, he probably loves it.

Stephanie Taitte

Art Director/Writer

I am a Fashion Promotion graduate, 

I have a huge interest in creating experiences for people, whether it be sensory or creating a backstory for things. As a nation we all connect to an idea; I find that products and services are the best way to get inside the mind of how we think has a society. 

In my 3rd year I started an e-commerce company that deals with lifestyle and beauty. Consumers, will have a personal journey throughout the site, in turn products will be offered to them based on their specific needs.

Fashion Promotion has allowed me to explores my skills in, Product Design, Graphics Design and Photography. All this has helped me create the requirements needed for my company in e-commerce.

Perri Wheeler  
Animator and Mixed Media Artist

I think outside the box. I take the box and cut a whole new world out of it.

I got into animation through traditional sculpting with polymer clays; this later led me into digital sculpting and 3D animation. I have experience in 3D modeling and texturing primitive environments for cut scenes in games and also lots of creatures. Creature modeling is an area I have specialized in for the past few years.

However I have made the decision to major in mixed medium style animation. I have been up-skilling in After Effects mixing 3D and 2D animation. After Effects give me the opportunity to use all of my skills in a much more organic, intuitive and fast way.

Over the past three years I have taken up script writing and would like to do more with this skillset. Illustration is also my thing and I generally do highly detailed work unless I am required to do something more simplistic. Illustration and conceptualization is an extremely important part of the process before anything gets made or animated!

Live action filmmaking is also something that I have been doing since 2006- long before I went anywhere near any animation software. As a result of this I find digital storytelling a very intuitive and fluid process. I also worked with Stop Start animation from around the same time, winning an award for a short film I did.

My software experience:Zbrush ; Autodesk Maya; Mudbox; Meshmixer; Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop/ Adobe Premiere/ After Effects; Final Cut Express/Pro

Skillset: Traditional/digital sculpting; Illustration; Stop Start animation; Script writing

Judit Florenciano 
Beauty Researcher/Hair, Make-up & Prosthetics Designer

A creative hair and make-up designer professionally trained between Barcelona and London. After few years of experience in the beauty industry I become interested in how I could innovate in the industry. Fascinated by the technological breakthroughs of our times, I successfully completed a Master’s degree in Wearable Futures with the aim to inspire and create new paths for the beauty/body industry. My research consists to explore how the integration of new technologies will affect the way we experience, treat and understand the body. With a keen interest in ideating concepts and in trend forecast research, I aim to apply my skills and my on-going research into new opportunities as creative designer for the beauty, film and creative industries.

To know more about my professional profile, skills and projects please visit the following links:


My Website:

My LinkedIn:

*Web still under development but will soon be updated with the new content.

Ersan Beskardes

I’m a recent Film graduate from Ravensbourne University. Working freelance in London enables to me to work on a wide range of projects and productions. My main specialties are music promos, events/festivals, and promo videos for brands. See my works here: x 

Idris Rhys
Aspiring Director of Photography

I am an aspiring Director of Photography currently working on film sets in the Lighting Department.

I love cinematography.

The area of cinematography that really captures my interest is the creative and artistic side of the art. I am not so interested by the mainstream, commercial side of filming. What inspires me, is cinematography that I feel is exceptionally creative, in its movement, composition and/or lighting, I feel even more inspired by cinematography that is intrinsically linked to its own narrative and relates to the feelings and emotions of the characters and of the film. Andrea Arnold and Robbie Ryan are an obvious example of this.

The work of Nico Neirmann, Fred Keleman and recently George Chiper-Lillemark are also Cinematographers who have really inspired me over the last few years.

I also have a particular interest in the combining of both film and dance and have been very much influenced by the choreography of both Pina Bausch and Anna Keersemakers. Specifically ‘Rosas Danst Rosas’.

In my own work I love to experiment. I try to produce work which I hope is unique and engaging in its own way and draw inspiration from as many different mediums as possible, not just film.

Recent Personal Achievements:

I directed my first narrative film this summer, it was exhausting, but gave me a real insight into my own work and film in general.

I completed my first passion project, a small dance film set in Cornwall.

I received an award for ‘Best Cinematography’ at Generate Film Festival, for ‘Across The Fence’ a Graduate film I was cinematographer on last year. The film went on to be selected as ‘Film of the Month’ by HIIVE, which is support by BFI and Panalux.

I graduated Ravensbourne with a First.

Fernanda Valeria

Fernanda Valerio has a background in graphic and fashion design, with experience in product design, especially footwear. 

Her current research, developed during the Wearable Futures Masters in Ravensbourne, reflects questions brought forth from working in fast fashion retail: what happens when our thirst for growth meets the limits of the planet? How can we move past the consumerist loophole? Her projects explore alternative futures for consumption, through illustration, videos and artefacts of fictional regions with different economic value systems.

Jameisha Prescod

 I am a filmmaker and recent BA Digital Film Production graduate. I am skilled in a wide range of disciplines but specialise in documentary directing/editing and screenwriting. I have worked on a number of projects including short films, documentaries, music videos and adverts.

After being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, I created You Look Okay To Me, an online creative platform for pain and chronic illnesses. Through engaging and thoughtful content I will change the way we discuss long-term conditions when it comes to young people. You Look Okay To Me has recently been endorsed by Pain UK and I hope to grow the project even further to collaborate with brands and other charities.

I am a highly motivated and organised individual with good communication skills. I am creative, logical and adaptable to change with a professional work ethic.


You Look Okay To Me Website:

Personal Website:




Edward Hunter

Editor/Post Production 

I am a 3rd year BA Editing and Post Production Student studying at Ravensbourne and am proficient in Premiere Pro, Avid Media Composer, and After Effects among other programs. 

Aside from editing I have a deep and lifelong love for Motorsport (A lot of the work that I do in my spare time revolves around it) and am also very interested in the 1970's; currently I am working on a 40 minute documentary to commemorate 40 years since the detective/action show "The Professionals" first went on air with others within the filmmaking industry.




Folashade Odu  
Fashion Promotion Graduate

I am a fashion promotion graduate from Ravensbourne. I finished uni in May but will officially graduate in December. I’ve been fortunate enough to have industry experience from interning with the men’s fashion publication ‘PAUSE’ as a fashion assistant and writer.

For my strengths I can come up with strong art / creative directions for marketing/ promotional campaigns. Also taking charge of synchronisation of visuals is a good skill of mine. Interests of mine that I’m either currently learning of refining are my editing skills for film and looking into developing ways to change the experience of BAME creatives.

In regards to business ventures I have quite a few; but the main one I’m thoroughly focused is ‘OTHERS’ a online based networking service and platform for BAME creatives to ultimately secure employment, and encourage collaborations on a global scale.


Online portfolio:

Blog about Black culture & Individuality:

Joshua Willdigg

Aspiring Writer for Film and Television

I'm Josh, and I'm an aspiring writer for Film and Television. There's not a single night that I'm not kept awake by concepts, characters and worlds that I can't wait to bring to life. I'm at both an exciting and wonderfully scary stage of my career where I find myself having many fantastic opportunities coming my way. These opportunities excite me very much; they are the gateway into doing what I have wanted to do for a living for as long as I can remember.

There's something else that also keeps me up at night: visualising, contemplating and obsessing over what is the best way to get the most out of all these opportunities that are coming my way. How do I make sure that, coming out of the other end, I have solidified my place in the industry and can look forward to having the absolute privilege of doing this wonderful job for the rest of my life?

I'm delighted to say that I have just been awarded a full scholarship to study a Screenwriting MA at the London Film School and the first feature film that I have a writing credit on is about to go into production with a BAFTA winning director. I currently have four further feature projects at various stages of development that I hope to make great progress with and I am desperately trying to find the time to finish four short films, which I hope to enter into the festival circuit.

Paulina Tamborrei

Social & Textile Designer

Recently completing my masters in Social Innovation Design I am eager to see how creativity and enterprise better society. With a traditional background in textile design I'm comfortable with both the design and design thinking toolkit. 

My latest venture is Sick Felicia, a swimwear brand that collaborates with emerging and master artists to bring together art and daily life through more meaningful fashion. Most recently I've incorporated co-creation and participatory methods to shape the direction of the brand. I am currently focused in launching a new Eco-friendly line that was co designed by users and regular women. 

Meaning and art used to be my most powerful driver; today I am driven by the social issues around me and the idea that design and enterprise can have a part in bettering them. I am looking to incorporate greater social purpose into what I do next; whether that's in the swimwear and apparel realm or not.

Nigel Kigozi
Video editor/Producer/Blogger

  I’m an post-production graduate/blogger who is focused on documentary editing and short form content. My love of exploring life through travel, philosophy and different cultures. Paired with my passion for personal development within the realms of health, spirituality, and productivity, I have developed a unique outlook as well as an interesting editing style.   

I enjoy working on content which ether helps ether educate the viewer, or allows them to see part of humanity through a different perspective. I believe that well created content of this nature can change the way its audience thinks and ultimately change the world for the better. 


I believe that happiness comes from growth. I push myself learn every day, and take positive action where ever and whenever I can. This mindset has allowed me to build a variety of skills in different areas. These include; Post production skills, using Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Audition, Photoshop, Avid and Pro Tools. Documentary film making, learnt from the Grierson DocLab, of which I am an Alumni. Marketing skills, which I learnt from working as a Marketing Executive at Forbidden Technologies as well as self-education. Website development, learnt from building my own websites.

Drue Johnson
Sound Recordist & Sound Designer

I am a Sound Recordist and Sound Designer for film and I have been working with sound in my spare time in one form or another since I was 13 and now i've reached 37 and still love sound in all its forms just as much as I did when I was a kid.

I graduated Uni with a 2.1 in Sound Design and now work freelance as a Sound Recordist and Sound Designer with other experience in many forms of audio ranging from everything from mixing live bands, recording in music studios when I was young to more recent audio work such as ADR Recording for many shorts and the feature Sasquatch which is currently winning awards, VO for projects such as for Barclays Bank and Sound Recordist for Cutting starring Skins star April Pearson.

Being a Sound Recordist on anything I can get my hands on being my main drive for my day to day life with Sound Design being more for those projects that really grab me.

My personal niche and love for Sound Design would be Sound Effects Editor for non-terrestrial sounds like Magic, Aliens, Space Age Weaponry, anything that does not exist in the real world so a completely new sound needs to be created for it such as I am currently working on Rueful Warrior, a Sci-Fi short full of fighting, guns and magic. I am also a big fan of dark/disturbing/horror genre sound and that is something that I have a real flair for.

Thank you for taking the time to read my biog.

My site:-

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