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IT Support :Mac OSX - An Introduction
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Though neither Microsoft nor Apple would care to admit it, Windows and OS X are in many ways strikingly similar. That's good news for if you’ve switched from using Windows recently: If you're familiar with Windows, adjusting to OS X is less like learning how to drive than figuring out the controls in a new car. Windows XP is Mac-like in many ways; Windows Vista is even more so; and Windows 7 is the most Mac-like version to date.

Now you have your new Apple Mac computer there are some things you need to know about OSX.  But first bookmark the college intranet page: which has links to every piece of information about the college you will need as well as college announcements.


OSX Mavericks 10.9 Users

Login to the website and follow this link:Mac OSX Mavericks Essential Training

Learn the Mac In Under An Hour! 
Got Mac OSX Snow Leopard 10.6?  Watch this
Got Mac OSX Lion 10.7?  Watch this
Got Mac OSX Mountain Lion 10.8?  Watch this


Besides changing the look and feel of your Mac interface, you can also let your Mac know how you prefer to work. This is done through your Preferences. You can set both system-wide preferences and application-specific preferences. Find out more here

OSX Software

Here is a listing of some really useful OSX software.

You can buy software at education discount prices from the Apple Store and Ravensbourne can also help you obtain commercial software at education prices or even free in some cases.  Ask your lecturer what is on offer for your course or goto the LRC (Learning Resource Centre) Helpdesk.

Free OSX Software

Computer software can be expensive but there are many free alternatives out there which can help you get your work done just as well on time and on budget. 

  • Check here for a list of some free open source software.  In particular have a look at Open Office as it is a free and full-featured Microsoft Office alternative. 
  • Apple also makes it own suite of Office-based applications called iWork which can save in Microsoft Office formats.

For video playback look at Perian a free codec plugin for QuickTime.  The Perian prefernce pane increases the video formats that QuickTime-based applications like Final Cut Pro and iDVD can support.

Network and Printing at Ravensbourne

Here are some essential links to help get you on to the college network so you can use the internet, intranet and print your documents here:

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