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MozFest is a diverse, highly interactive event with something for everyone. Join leaders of the open Web - artists, activists, educators, scientists, journalists, policy-makers and technologists - who are building a better internet.

Friday evening

The festival kicks off with a science fair, where attendees can stroll around and check out presentations on inspiring ideas and projects, many of which were developed at previous MozFests.

Saturday and Sunday

Participant-led sessions that generally run between one and three hours. These might be interactive labs where participants can learn something new or share their knowledge; small group breakout discussions where bright minds debate the most pressing issues facing the Internet today; or design sprints dedicated to hands-on making, hacking and producing a ‘thing’.

Sessions are organised into spaces - physical and thematic learning hubs based around a broad topic, like science, art, or journalism.

Ongoing, interactive experiences weave between spaces, connecting thematic threads and allowing participants to explore topics in a self-directed way.

Some people choose to enjoy MozFest by completely immersing themselves in a single space, while others like to roam around the venue. Both options are equally welcome, and the festival features pathways - curated sets of related sessions that explore a subject area like open data, dealing with online harassment, or mobilizing communities - to guide you between spaces.

Sunday evening

The festival wraps up with a demo party, where we showcase and celebrate what we have built together.


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