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Don’t forget to touch your student card against the appropriate attendance reader at the start of your classes. You need to tap in at the start of every class, so if you have two separate morning and afternoon sessions, please remember to tap in for both.

The aim of this system is to make things easier for both us and you. Studies have shown there is a clear link between good attendance and achievement in higher education, and we want to make recording  your attendance and success as simple as possible.

Where needed, the system also enables us to work with you  if you are not able to attend the majority of your lectures. We can then help find a solution together,  and help overcome these issues. In the near future we also plan to make it possible for you to view your  own attendance record, so watch out for more updates on this.

The Students’ Union team commented: “This system means we have consistency across all our lectures, and allows tutors at Ravensbourne to help work through any attendance issues. You just need to remember to tap your student card against the readers at the start of class - it's super simple and should make things easier for everyone!”

If you’d like to know more about attendance monitoring and how it works, visit our explainer page.

Feedback? We want to hear from you and your experiences of using the intranet. Please email the Marketing and Communications team with any queries or feedback. If you have a technical issue, please raise a JIRA to the IT Support Services.