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The Research Office are pleased to announce the results of the Major Research Grants Awards February 2016. 

Awardee(s): Jeremy Gardiner, Head of Postgraduate Studies
Project title: Pillars of Light
Project aim: A comprehensive exhibition of lighthouse images produced with a DJI Inspire drone and subtractive fabrication.
Award: £4,939.00 

Awardee(s): Richard Colson, MA Subject Leader: Computational Design
Awardee(s): Metamekanix
Project aim: What are the most effective ways of employing computer programming to control the motorised movement of objects and structures?
Project aim: £6,360.00

Awardee(s): Liz McQuiston, BA Contextual Studies Course Leader and Dr Sara Andersdotter, Contextual Studies Associate Senior Lecturer
Project title:
Research into what creates a Journal
Project aim: Researching an academic/staff research journal for Ravensbourne.
Award: £6,900

Awardee(s): David Hunter, BA Graphic Design Senior Lecturer
Project title:Data Walking: Transects Through Space as Information
Project aim: How can walking with environmental sensors create a rich picture of an area, and be part of an effective scheme to encourage student learning and exploration of new techniques in the fields of data gathering and data visualisation?
Award: £5,212.88

Awardee(s): Brigitta Zics, Deputy Head of Postgraduate Studies
Project title: Post-production and Release of Art Documentary Film of the Large Scale Power Plant
Project aim: How to communicate forward thinking artistic concepts of digital art through the medium of art documentary?
Award: £3,300.00         

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