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This month BAFTA and the British Council collaborated with an independent filmmakers network, Shooting People, to present 'Short Sighted’, an annual all-day event that covers ways of marketing and distributing short films. Louis Berry, a Level 3 student in BA (Hons) Digital Film Production, was awarded a full bursary place to attend this event.

Louis was nominated for the bursary by his tutor, Dr. Garth Twa, a Senior Lecturer in Digital Film Production at Ravensbourne. Garth contacted BAFTA to recommend Louis, convinced that the student would significantly benefit from the bursary. He described Louis’s film work as “refreshingly ambitious” and “ambitious in a very nuanced way, in a very human way”.

Reflecting on the event Louis said; “Speakers included programmers and directors from the British Council, London Film and Short Film Festival, Edinburgh International Film Festival and Uppsala International Short Film Festival, as well as successful short film makers, including Eva Weber and Jorn Threlfall, who gave us an insight on how they distribute their films.”

Other industry professionals shared their knowledge on the sales of short films, as well as discussing less conventional methods of distribution.

Louis is currently working on his final major project under the working title ‘Up to Us’, a short film set over one Saturday in suburban London. The film follows Flynn (20), who has returned home from university for the weekend, and Mo, Flynn’s best friend who still lives in their town and loves it. It focusses on the comedy found in the mundanities of day-to-day life and how Flynn wants to leave the conventional and small-minded life behind. A narrative which Louis says will be achieved on location through the use of an improvisational style.

“I found 'Short Sighted' online on BAFTA’s website and knew I’d find it useful,” said Louis. “The day assured me of the potential my film has after Uppsala International Short Film Festival's Director, Niclas Gillberg, showed real interest in the project.”

“I want to thank Garth Twa for not only supporting and motivating me on various projects, but also on being influential in me receiving the bursary to attend.”

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