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Much excitement was in the air on Tuesday evening, 7 October, at Ravensbourne as participants of the new SEEDS business development scheme met their Industry Mentors for the first time. 

Pictured in the photo are some of mentors with their mentees: Gareth Unwin, Producer of the Kings Speech; Beth Parker, Production Manager at Disney Channels EMEA; Brooke Roberts, Knitwear Designer; Alan Jones, Director of Halo Post Production*;* Jessica Ashman, Animator and Director; Fleur Jago, Production Co-ordinator for high budget feature animation films, and David Howarth, Series Producer and Development Producer.

Although students were matched with mentors over the summer, the mentors’ identities were not disclosed until the evening adding to the excitement.

Robert Luke, Digital film student described the student’s reactions to hearing who their mentors were:

“Jaws dropped one-by-one around the table as we were told who would be helping us with our development over the coming months. Creative directors, Company CEO’s and Academy Award Winners are just some of the descriptions for the mentors involved.

We know that students across the country would have to be interning for quite a long time to get to know some of our mentors like this, never mind be developing a personal project under their guidance”.

SEEDS (Self Employment & Entrepreneurship Diversity Scheme) focuses on building the freelance careers of a group of diverse Animation, Architecture, Digital Film, Postproduction and Fashion students.

Alongside industry Mentors, the scheme includes workshops and advice from leading business experts and life coaching sessions. “This is a pilot scheme by Student services,” said Yvonne Halloran, SEEDS project leader ” We are not aware of any other scheme in the country that combines such a unique mixture of support. This new approach has been popular with Industry enabling us to enrol the support of such high profile Mentors”.

Final year animation student & SEEDS mentee, Rebecca added “The mentor selected for me is perfect, a freelancing animator & director and female which is very refreshing in this industry. Already the SEEDS scheme has given me tools to claim ownership of my career and is showing me there is a way of being able to do what I want to do in the Industry”

Other Mentors not pictured above include Marta Nowicka, Founder and Director of an award winning Interior Architecture design practice: Terry Smith, of Halo Post production & Chair of Skillset Post Production and Gemma Marsh, Senior Designer at Tango Intro design.  

SEEDS is a Student Services initiative. Full details of the scheme along with details of the mentors can be found on the Student Services Intranet pages here:

Any questions can be sent to Yvonne Halloran, Student Services, at

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