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Administration :IT Department team
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Director of Technology

Will Pearson - Director of Technology

  • Will provides representation for the IT Team within the Senior Management at Ravensbourne, guiding strategic direction for the institution in terms of wide technological development.
  • This covers working with the IT Infrastructure and Support teams in developing project management and business processes, working to improve staff and student experience of the infrastructure of the educational role Ravensbourne plays, as well as working with the industry, enterprise and innovation components of Ravensbourne.
  • Will is keenly interested in action research and aim to build research activity into the core of the work of the teams as we move into a new era for Higher Education in the UK.


Alex Thompson - Programme Manager - Infrastructure
Alex manages the Infrastructure team, overseeing projects to constantly improve and develop Ravensbourne network and server infrastructure to provide a secure, robust infrastructure that can change with the college's needs.

?Arturs Vilcins - Project Manager (PC and Computing)
This role works with the Infrastructure team to develop laptop builds for quick and secure deployment and assist in keeping the network running as smoothly as possible and facilitating the needs of the college and it's users.

Simon Osborne - Project Manager (Hardware and Software)
Simon's role within the Infrastructure team is to support and develop the  server and networking infrastructure that enables the multitude of diverse services that IT provide to Ravensbourne.
Past Projects include:

  • Render Farm - A powerful group of dedicated servers that produce 3D renders from Maya, 3DStudioMax and After Effects, etc.
  • - A virtualisation infrastructure that provides access to internal only service externally via virtual machines and allows use of legacy applications whilst we maintain modern operating systems for end users.

Mike Dixson - Project Manager (Networks)
Mike works with the Infrastructure team to keep the network running as smoothly as possible and facilitating the diverse needs of the college and it's users.
Mike is passionate about technology and about helping users to take full advantage of it.
Past projects include:

  • Designing and implementing the new network infrastructure at Ravensbourne.
  • Redesigning the Intranet and it's information architecure.

Derrick Bailey - Project Manager (Mac and Mobile)Derrick provides the core Mac knowledge within the Infrastructure team. His skills run from the desktop deployment side of Macs thru to the server and network side.
His past projects include Mininet, the Mac render farm and deploying desktop management thru Apple's MCX.


Hamed Folarin - Support Engineer (Licensing)

Sanchi Gordon - Support Engineer (Enterprise)
Provides development and support of the IT computer systems for Business Incubation users, training clients of the Institution and students and staff. The emphasis is to develop business use solutions for dedicated Incubation desks and a wide variety of cutting-edge professional systems, including but not limited to 3d modelling, 2d design, animation, sound design, textiles CAD, post production and administrative and communication systems.

Nizam Shaikh - Support Engineer (Procurement)

Information Systems

Mario Ahmad - Programme Manager (Information Services)

Ann Pho - User Administrator

Media Services

Howard Austen - Senior Media Services Engineer

Dominic Bassett - Media Services Engineer

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