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Administration :ACM and External Examiner Reports and Action Plans 2009-2010

Annual Course Monitoring (ACM) and External Examiner Reports and Action Plans 2009-2010

(including FE Self Assessment Report and Quality Improvement Plan)


ABC Level 3 and Level 4 Diplomas in Foundation Studies in Art, Design and Media

ABC Level 3 Diploma in Foundation Studies (Media Production)

Diploma in Foundation Studies: Generic Key Skills


Level 0 in Design and Communication

Contextual Studies

Personal and Professional Development

Enterprise and Entrepreneurship

Faculty of Communication Media

FdA Animation Practice

FdSc Broadcast Technology Cluster

FdA Broadcast Operations

FdA Creative Sound Design

FdA Digital Film Production

FdA Editing and Post Production

BA (Hons) Animation

BSc (Hons) Broadcast Technology

BA (Hons) Broadcasting (Sound Design, Post Production, Production)

BA (Hons) Content Creation and Broadcast and BA (Hons) Content Development and Production

BA (Hons) Design for Moving Image and BA (Hons) Motion Graphics

BA (Hons) Graphic Design

BA (Hons) Sound Design

Faculty of Design

FdA Fashion Product Innovation

BA (Hons) Design (Interactions), BA (Hons) Design (Products), BA (Hons) Design for Interaction and BA (Hons) Product Design

BA (Hons) Fashion (Womenswear, Menswear, Fashion Textiles, Fashion Promotion and Communication)

External Examiner Report (WM)   ACM Report   Updated Action Plans (WM, FT, PC)
External Examiner Report (WM)        
External Examiner Report (FT)        
External Examiner Report (FT)        
External Examiner Report (PC)        
External Examiner Report (PC)        

BA (Hons) Interior Design Environment Architectures and BA (Hons) Architecture


Postgraduate Framework:

  MA Animation Futures
  MSc Applied Technologies - Rapid Prototyping and Digital Technologies
  MA Architecture
  MA/MSc Broadcast Futures
  MA Communication Design
  MA/MSc Enabling Creative Innovation
  MA Environment Design
  MA Fashion
  MA/MSc Interactive Digital Media
  MA/MSc Interactive Product Futures
  MA Moving Image
  MA Visual Effects
  MA Web Applications/MSc Web Applications Development
  Master of Innovation/Master of Fine Arts (M Innov/MFA with named pathways)
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