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Administration :AB1101 - 091110

Academic Board

Papers for the meeting of 9 November 2010

AB11/01/01 Agenda 9 November 2010
AB11/01/02 Minutes of the last meeting 25 May 2010 (unconfirmed)
AB11/01/03 Cost-benefit analysis of potential FE awarding bodies   (authorised personnel)
AB11/01/04 Minutes of the Learning and Teaching Review Committee meeting of 19 October 2010 (unconfirmed)
AB11/01/05 Minutes of the Quality Development Committee meeting of 12 October 2010 (unconfirmed)
AB11/01/06 Minutes of the CUL Course Board meeting of 19 May 2010 (unconfirmed) (authorised personnel)
AB11/01/07 Review of Academic Board Sub Committee structure (not received)
AB11/01/08 UK Border Agency Tier 4 correspondence (authorised personnel)
AB11/01/09a Destination of Leavers in Higher Education results 2008-09 cover sheet (authorised personnel)
AB11/01/09b DLHE 2008-09 draft report (authorised personnel)
AB11/01/09c DLHE 2008-09 course by course appendix (authorised personnel)
AB11/01/09d DLHE 2008-09 benchmarking (authorised personnel)
AB11/01/10a NSS and Course Experience Questionnaire 2010 cover sheet
AB11/01/10b College NSS 2010 analysis of results
AB11/01/10c College NSS 2010 results (authorised personnel)
AB11/01/11a Report on the Course Experience Questionnaire 2010
AB11/01/11b Course Experience Questionnaire 2010 unit-by-unit analysis
AB11/01/12 Action plan in response to the NSS and Course Experience Questionnaire 2010 results (not received)
AB11/01/13 NSS 2011 preparation
AB11/01/14 QAA draft outcomes report on the College's Mid-cycle follow up report (authorised personnel)
AB11/01/15 Updated action plan from QAA Institutional Audit in March 2007
AB11/01/16a TDAP cover sheet (authorised personnel)
AB11/01/16b QAA letter in response to Ravensbourne's application for Taught Degree Awarding Powers (authorised personnel)
AB11/01/17 Minutes of the Internal Validation Committee meeting of 8 October 2010
AB11/01/18a Draft Strategic Plan 2010-16 (authorised personnel)
AB11/01/18b Draft Delivery Plan 2010-16 (authorised personnel)
AB11/01/19 Future arrangements for graduate contributions and student support in England: David Willetts statement to Parliament; advice on implications for deferred applicants 2012 (Members' Mailing: MM/10/70
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