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Validation is the process by which new courses are approved formally for addition to Ravensbourne’s portfolio.

Re-validation is the process by which substantial revisions are made to existing programmes or the validation of any existing programme is continued.

The process is managed by the Quality Team who will provide appropriate guidance and training to staff who are following the process.

The authority to approve the development of a new course or the redevelopment of an existing course rests with the Portfolio Development Group.

Academic Board is responsible for the academic standards and the initial stages of validation or re-validation of courses at Ravensbourne University London.



Validation Schedule 2018/19

To be confirmed

Validation Schedule 2017/18

Portfolio Review Schedule 

Validation Schedule 2016/17

Course TitleProcessADM/SL/RespInternal ValidationExternal ValidationFirst Intake
M.Arch: Architecture (Part 2)ValidationTom Fitzsimmons

UAL VSC: May 2016

Internal Event:
June 2016

Autumn Term 2016/17September 2017
MA Housing DesignValidationTom Fitzsimmonspostponed


MA Design (IDEA)ValidationTom Fitsimmons





Validation Schedule 2015/16

Course TitleProcessADM/SL/ResponsibleInternal ValidationExternal ValidationFirst Intake
PgCert Teaching & Learning for Creative Courses
(working title)
ValidationDr Janthia Taylor

UAL VSC: October 2015

Internal Event: March 2016

External Event:
21 April 2016

VSC: May 2016

September 2016
BSc(Hons) Digital & Technology Solutions (WBL)ValidationJames Ward
Marice Cumber 

UAL VSC: April 2015

Internal Event: June'15 

External Event:
23 October 2015

VSC: December 2015

January 2016
BA(Hons) Interactive Virtual Environment ArchitecturesValidationLayton Reid

UAL VSC October 2015

Internal Event

BA(Hons) Urban Landscape ArchitecturesValidationLayton Reid

UAL VSC: May 2015

Internal Event:
13 January 2016

External Event:
14 March 2016

VSC: April 2016

September 2016
BA(Hons) Architecture
BA(Hons) Interior Design Environment Architectures 
RevalidationLayton Reid

UAL VSC: May 2015

Internal Event:
24 September 2015

External Event:
30 October 2015

VSC: May 2016

September 2016
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