FdA Broadcast Operations and Production level Two - Term Two

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Term 2

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ppd code term duration activity delivery session content rooming notes
FDC203 2 1:30 Lecture PPD Self Presentation & Marketing Self-presentation and marketing 3:; Researching and information gathering; Networking; Interview / application techniques L Room  
FDC203 2 1:30 Class / Seminar   Researching Companies and Industries Information gathering and researching – opportunity to develop skills and research companies and industries. Match skills and attitudes with company ethos.    
FDC203 2 1:30 Class / Seminar   Networking Networking. Tips and techniques on effective networking including practical exercises.    
FDC203 2 1:30 Class / Seminar   Interview Techniques Interview techniques. Interactive session looking at:; Interview preparation and research; Tips for remaining calm; Body language; Role play    
FDC203 2 :30 Tutorial Course Progress Discussion of progress. And any difficulties. Identify skills gap and needs. Refer if necessary Private Space  

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