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The Enterprise and Innovation Centre (EIC) is responsible for developing successful commercial partnerships between industry partners and Ravensbourne.

EIC develops and manages a range of partnerships, including: 

  • Live briefs set for students by industry clients (both within the curriculum and as extra-curricular opportunities);
  • Hire of the Ravensbourne facilities as an event venue, primarily at weekends and over the vacation periods;
  • Freelance briefs for students set by industry clients;
  • Bespoke training courses for industry clients;
  • Short training courses for a public audience;
  • Income-generating events for specialist industry audiences;
  • Exhibitions hosted at Ravensbourne;
  • Competitions set by industry clients and offered exclusively to Ravensbourne students.

Whether you’re a student, a Ravensbourne colleague or an industry professional, we want to work with you!

Contact us

Email us on , follow @raveinnovate on Twitter and Instagram, or come and say hello - we're in Mitre Passage!

Find out more about the EIC's activities on Ravensbourne's website and on Moodle.


We can help students to:

  • Get involved in live briefs
    Work with, and learn from, big name brands and start to build your industry connections and real portfolio work. Students are also rewarded with cash prizes or course credits (or both!) for participating in live briefs, and they can often lead to paid internship opportunities as well.
  • Get freelance work
    Delivering freelance work for EIC industry clients is a great opportunity to grow your CV and portfolio, whilst earning money on projects related to your chosen subject. Common freelance briefs we offer include filming, web development and graphic design and all opportunities are advertised on the Ravensbourne Agency, so do keep an eye out!

  • Work at events
    From AV support and filming through to welcoming guests, the EIC team often hires students to work on both internal events and those hosted at Ravensbourne by industry clients. Roles are always posted on the Ravensbourne Agency, including details of the skills needed, how much time you’ll need to commit and how much you’ll get paid.

We can help colleagues to:

  • Incorporate live briefs into their curriculum
    Working with an industry partner to deliver a live brief as part of your curriculum can help your students get invaluable industry experience before they graduate, in a supportive environment. Clients engage throughout the process, briefing students, reviewing work during delivery and giving feedback on student performance at the end of the process. Clients often also cover the cost of additional expert tutoring on the brief, sponsor the course's final shows and offer internships or prizes to students.
  • Get involved in cutting-edge industry events
    We are committed to offering a programme of cutting-edge events for industry, including festival, conferences and seminars. We’re always on the look out for speakers and contributors and participation can be a fantastic way to raise the professional and research profiles of academic staff.
  • Develop and deliver bespoke short courses
    We work with industry clients to provide bespoke training courses for their staff, delivered by our academic staff. We take care of logistics including planning and pricing, marketing, registration, room bookings and beyond, and the academic staff focus on delivering fantastic content!

  • Develop and deliver short courses for the public
    We collaborate with academic staff to put together a varied programme of short courses, across the Ravensbourne portfolio, which are sold to a public audience. These could be anything from a six week introductory evening class, to an intensive two day software training course - we are open to ideas and always on the look out for fresh content!

We can help industry professionals to:

  • Get new, innovative perspectives by working with us
    We have a fantastic track record of putting together cross-disciplinary teams of students and academics to tackle our clients' biggest innovation and creative challenges. Check out the case studies of recent live briefs we've delivered on our website.
  • Commission freelance work from Ravensbourne students
    Have you got a brief that could be delivered by a team of committed creative students? Whether it's branding, content development, filming or something else, our students would relish the opportunity to work with you.

  • Get involved with our events
    We run a programme of high profile, industry-relevant events. So why not come along as an attendee, workshop lead or speaker? Follow @raveinnovate on Twitter to keep up to date with all our upcoming events.
  • Attend or commission training programs or short courses
    Feeling you've got a gap in your, or your employees' skills? Drop us a line at and let us put together the perfect training course to fill the gap.
  • Hire our space
    We've hosted everything from major international festivals, through to small meetings and workshops, in our ultra-flexible event space. Check out our website's venue hire section to find out more about holding your next event in our unique, award-winning building. 
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