William Richards, a second year BA (Hons) Design Products student has been awarded a three month paid placement with the Marks & Spencer (M&S) Packaging Technology Team, after being chosen as the winner of the annual Ravensbourne, M&S project which entered its 8th year this year.

The project is a part of the “Industry Practice” unit of the product design curriculum, where the students are set four briefs around packaging concepts to combat issues with delivery, food waste, freshness and representation of quality.

The students were split into four groups, allocated one brief per group and also asked to select one of their choice. Five students were shortlisted, Nick Grafakos, Sarah Saggiante Roldan, William Richards, Andrew Davis, Takumi Naka. William was chosen as the winner by a panel consisting of Ravensbourne and Marks & Spencer staff after designing packaging for charcuterie and flowers.

William said: “I am thrilled to have won the Marks & Spencer placement and cannot wait to get started in the summer. I know the placement will benefit me hugely and provide me with industry experience and knowledge in designing consumer packaging.

I found this project extremely useful, it was great learning about the different stages of packaging design, from sourcing materials, manufacturing, transport, handling, ethics of sustainability and finally the way consumers interact with the packaging alongside how they perceive it.”

Kevin Vyse, Senior Packaging Technologist said: “These types of collaboration are vital if the students want to learn from the real world to get themselves ready for future employment.

“Marks and Spencer have found the collaboration on the annual student project stimulating and encouraging. We value the process of seeing students develop and react to a live brief.

“Thank you Ravensbourne for the opportunity.”

21 April 2017

Government confirms funding for EU students applying for places for 2018 to 2019

EU students applying for places in the 2018 to 2019 academic year will remain eligible for financial support.
On Friday (21 April) the government announced that EU students will continue to remain eligible for undergraduate, master’s, postgraduate and advanced learner financial support in the academic year 2018 to 2019.
The decision means EU students applying for an undergraduate or master’s course at an English university or further education institution in the 2018 to 2019 academic year will continue to have access to student loans and grants, even if the course concludes after the UK’s exit from the EU.
EU students are eligible for home fee status, which means they are charged the same tuition fees as UK students. Other non-EU, international students do not have their tuition fees capped in this way.    
Existing students and those beginning study in the 2017 to 2018 academic year will continue to receive loans and grants, if eligible, until they finish their course. Further clarification can be sought via the Student Loans Company.
More information can be found on the gov.uk website. If you have any concerns, support is available. Please email Student Services Team, or call +44(0)203 040 3501.


On Wednesday 15 March Ravensbourne Students’ Union (SU) in partnership with Incubation held the first ever Market Place, where over 30 creative ideas were showcased to the business community.

The event was supported by Canary Wharf Group who were very impressed with the work and ideas on show. The exhibitors included a good mix of students from all courses and Incubation companies.

The idea of showcasing students’  work has long been a passion that Richard Meretighan, SU, Vice President of Architecture and Design & Officer for Education wanted to bring to fruition and it was through his discussion with Ha Smith, Head of Enterprise & Innovation that the idea of Market Place was born.  Along with the support of Sunita Bhuwanee, Business Support Manager the partnership between SU and the Incubation was launched with great success and will now feature as an annual joint initiative by Incubation and SU.

In order to best prepare the students to showcase their ideas and interact with the experts in digital media, a training session on "Exhibition - 7 Hacks to stand out of the crowd” was organised by Incubation on Tuesday 7 March.  B Consultancy lead by Janice Beckles, a Business Consultant experienced in supporting young talents delivered the training.

A great turnout from local organisations and industry professionals visited the event to meet with the exhibitors, understand their bespoke creative processes, and also explored opportunities for collaboration with students and Incubation companies on projects about architecture, film, fashion, design, production, 3D rendering and much more.

Most of the visitors were senior managers, technology experts, local entrepreneurs and also the Ravensbourne community. It was an opportunity for new start-ups, entrepreneurs and emerging digital designers to engage with large organisations and business professionals to explore partnerships requiring a mix of talents and digital skills.

It was an impressive showcase of ideas utilising digital media as a tool to promote ethical, environmental and social values.

Our sponsor, Canary Wharf Group, were so impressed with the exhibition and recommended that three students, Alex Tannatt Cook, year 2 BA (Hons) Architecture, Harry Difolco & Balazs Kovacs, year 3 BA (Hons) Product Design, Daniel Longe and Malachi Duncan, year 3 BA (Hons) Animation, have been shortlisted to pitch for the Incubation Lite Award for a chance to win one year Incubation space, business support and a cash prize of £1000.

Similarly, to encourage three other students who have showcased ideas with good commercial prospect, cash prizes will be awarded to Jelina Frances Dimaguilla, MA Environment Design, Chibuiken Akata, BA (Hons) Post Production and Adebayo Omotola, Diploma in Design.  

The event was a boost for students and a way for them to start their entrepreneurial path, gain knowledge, experience and also learn how to present their ideas and projects to the business community. Incubation companies also gained more visibility and were able to interact with Ravensbourne students looking for opportunities in projects requiring their skills and talents. 

Overall a huge success, the Market Place brought together different technologies and opportunities to innovate and support economic growth and jobs in the digital and creative industry.

Stefan Ferrol, RSU President said: “Market Place was a great event and something I’ll look to continue and grow. The work Richie put in and the passion he had for the project was inspiring and the help we received from Ha and Sunita was invaluable. Market Place will be back bigger and better next year and hopefully it will be widely supported by the college itself”.

Richard Meretighan, Vice President of Architecture and Design & Officer for Education said: “Market Place – The Place To find Talent” is the first initiative and collaboration of SU and Incubation, it has been a huge success on all fronts. The enterprising students received business support tips and guidance on how to best showcase their ideas and interact with the business community.

"This event attracted a lot of visitors and has helped students to network, learn and understand the knowledge and resources required for starting their own business”.  

Ha Smith, Head of Enterprise and Innovation said: “It has been great to work with SU on the Market Place initiative, the SU members were fully engaged to make the event a success. The students were well organised and impressed the industry professionals.

"This collaborative effort will continue and Incubation will always endeavour to support Ravensbourne entrepreneurial students to achieve success in their chosen field”. 

Melanie Goldstein, Community Affairs Officer, Canary Wharf Group said: “I would like to thank Incubation at Ravensbourne for giving CWG the opportunity to partner with you on this; it was a great event and really showcased the wealth of talent and possible future leaders in innovation and the creative fields we have here locally; Ravensbourne should be very proud of the calibre of students and incubations companies based there!”. 


Ravensbourne’s BA (Hons) Animation course has been ranked in the “Top 100 International Animation Schools" by Animation Career Review.

The schools were marked against the following criteria:

  • Overall quality of programme including technology and facilities available to students

  • Consistency and quality of student and graduate animation works

  • Geographic advantages derived from the school being located near animation employment hotspots

  • Reputation of programme within the industry

  • Tuition and overall cost of attendance

The publication which surveyed animation schools across the world has released the rankings so students can make the best choice for them.

Associate Dean, Dr Rosemary Stott said: “We’re delighted the calibre of our animation course has been recognised.

“I would encourage any prospective students to come and visit Ravensbourne on one of our Open Days to see the fantastic facilities, meet the lecturers and see what our institution can offer.”

The animation course is creative skillset accredited with 94% of students working or studying six months after the course. In the past year animation students have collaborated with the BBC on a series of films about the weather.

For more information about the course and our collaborations please visit the course page. More information about Open Days can be found here.


Ravensbourne alumni Alex Rudzinski, a broadcast graduate, has won two Emmy Awards for his work on Grease Live! which aired on American television channel, Fox.

Alex who graduated from a two year HND course in broadcast TV operations when Ravensbourne was “Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication” based in Chislehurst, won “Outstanding Directing for a Variety Special” and “Outstanding Special Class Program” for his part in producing the show.

Grease Live! was shot on location at Warner Bros Studios in LA and featured Vanessa Hudgens as Rizzo, Carly Rae Jepson as Frenchie and Jessie J. It became one of the highest rated shows of 2016 on American television and was quickly followed by Hairspray Live! in December 2016 which Alex also directed.

Alex said: “It’s fantastic to be credited with such a prestigious award. It’s been great to be part of a new genre of television and I’m very much looking forward to doing the same with “Bye Bye Birdie”, our live musical featuring Jennifer Lopez this Christmas.”

Alex lives in LA with his family and works as a freelance, specialising in multi camera live directing. He started his career in regional news and worked his way into national UK news. At 26 he became a senior director at what was then London News Network on London Tonight.

He was then offered a position on the “Big Breakfast” which allowed him to jump from news into entertainment and went on to direct the first three series of “Strictly Come Dancing” before taking the format to America to become the director on “Dancing with the Stars” for over a decade. Alex is currently planning this summer’s MTV video music awards.

Upon talking about his Ravensbourne experience Alex commented: “My time at the institution became a great foundation for me to slide seamlessly into a broadcast role.

“There were amazing facilities and we were taught to use broadcast technology to a high standard. The calibre of our tuition was really high and our tutors had direct industry experience which they were keen to pass on.

“I think the opportunities at Ravensbourne are unique to succeeding in the UK broadcast industry with students having access to cutting edge technology and top of the range tutoring. At work I meet many people who attended Ravensbourne and I know they are highly employable and that their work will be of an excellent standard.”


Wednesday 15 March 

Professor Will Alsop OBE RA is a prominent architect and artist who established aLL Design in 2011. He was awarded the RIBA Stirling Prize for Peckham Library, London and the first RIBA World Award for The Sharp Centre for Design (OCADU), Toronto, amongst numerous accolades for a multitude of projects.

His core values are innovation and expression with an emphasis on enjoyment - his practice is founded principally to 'make life better'.

He sits on architectural advisory boards for Wandsworth and Kensington & Chelsea Councils and is Professor of TU Vienna and Professor of Architecture at Canterbury School of Architecture, UCA.

Walker Space, 6.00pm

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External competitions

Creative Conscience Awards 2017

Cause2Create and Young Creative Council have teamed up with Creative Conscience to provide a brief for their 2017 awards:

"How can creativity help people who are refugees?” - the theme is 'connectedness'.

This is an exciting opportunity for students/graduates to widen their skills and experience, as well as to help raise awareness and provide solutions for an important cause. 

Read the full brief here. Watch the briefing video here.

For more information about the awards contact Creative Conscience.   



7th Annual International Photography Competition - entrants wanted

This is a reminder that the 7th annual International Photography Competition, hosted by the Florida Museum of Photographic Arts in Tampa, Florida, is currently accepting entries until Monday 17 April. 

This competition is open to everyone around the world of all levels. The cost of entry is $10 per submission.

There will be cash prizes and an opportunity to exhibit in the museum for first, second and third places, and for best in competition.

Find out more 



Design Challenge: Save The Oscars

The Oscar's needs your help!

You all must have heard about the recent debacle that unfolded during the announcement for Best Picture at this year's Oscars.
There were a lot of factors that contributed to the stuff-up, but as pointed out by Redditor ShinyTile, this all could have been avoided if the card used good design.
This is where we need your skills. We want you to design a winner's card for The Oscars that will prevent anything like this ever happening again.
Take a look at the winner's card here. These are the issues we feel need to be addressed:

  • Oscars logo is the first things you see.

  • Winning film title is not bold, and it's in quotation marks.

  • Names are same size as film title.

  • The category is in tiny font at the bottom of the card.

  • The list goes on... 

How do I enter?
Brief: Design a new winner's card for The Oscars. Requirements: The card should be 9 x 4.6 inches to match the current card size. Upload format: PNG or JPG Submit: Upload your entry to this page

What do I win?
The most popular entry will win a $200 Amazon gift card (USD). Voting will be done by Public Choice.

Important Dates
Entries close Friday 10 March
Finalists announced Sunday 12 March
Public Voting Finishes Friday 16 March

Good luck!

The Rookies Team


Intersectional Film

A conversation on the intersections of Gender, Race, and Identity in the Film Industry

Intersectional Film is a panel discussion of artists and professionals in the creative industries that maps our understanding of how intersectionality is represented in the film and television industry, the challenges facing filmmakers incorporating intersectioanlity into their practice, and what we envision for the future of intersectional representation in film.

Tuesday 7 March, 12.30pm - 2.30pm 


Intersectionality: “Intersectionality is an analytic sensibility, a way of thinking about identity and its relationship to power. Originally articulated on behalf of black women, the term brought to light the invisibility of many constituents within groups that claim them as members, but often fail to represent them. Intersectional erasures are not exclusive to black women. People of color within LGBTQ movements; girls of colour in the fight against the school-to-prison pipeline; women within immigration movements; trans women within feminist movements; and people with disabilities fighting police abuse — all face vulnerabilities that reflect the intersections of racism, sexism, class oppression, transphobia, able-ism and more. Intersectionality has given many advocates a way to frame their circumstances and to fight for their visibility and inclusion.” - Kimberlé Crenshaw

Panellists include, Ade Solanke and Dionne Walker.

Over the past 18 years, Dionne Walker has been curating and producing debate series and independent film projects. She previously worked as one of London's location coordinators and help facilitate major blockbusters such as The Mummy Returns and V for Vendetta. With The Hard Stop, which she wrote and produced, Walker delved into the hugely controversial 2011 killing of Londoner Mark Duggen at the hands of the police, an act of violence that sparked some of the worst civil unrest in recent British history, helping research and develop the project as a hybrid film that combined observational material with constructed reality sequences and news archives. It had its world premiere in Toronto before releasing in U.K. cinemas, and on Netflix in the U.S., over the summer.

5:30-6:45pm, Room 107

All welcome

Fun and engaging singing workshop with Richard Robbins. No need to read music, just bring yourself and your voice!

Never sung before? No worries, Richard will help you sing freely and with expression.

Tuesday 28 February

Walker Space, 5:30pm

Find out about the prizes for this year, meet last year's winners and hear about their experiences of winning the Connect Awards!

Prizes include a three month paid placement, freelance work and Incubation spaces.

You will also have the opportunity to network with students from other courses and see what other opportunities there are to work on projects across courses in Ravensbourne, internally and externally.

This is an ideal opportunity for anyone who needs other peoples' skill sets to work on their final major project or launch a business!

Free drinks on arrival! See you tomorrow.

For more information on the Connect Awards and an application form: Connect Awards 2017

International Film Producer and BAFTA award winner Iain Smith OBE visited Ravensbourne to talk at a free film production masterclass offered to students and staff.

Iain has worked on numerous high profile award-winning films such as “Mad Max: Fury Road”, “Children of Men”, “The Mission” and “Local Hero.” 

In 2005 he was awarded a British Academy Film Award for “Outstanding Achievement in Film” and in the 2008 New Year's Honours list was awarded an OBE for services to film. 

Drawing on almost 50 years of practical production experience many of those spent with high profile directors, actors and creatives, Iain spoke at length to give many valuable lessons to the students.

He said: "There is nothing more important in film than getting a realistic education from the outset. Information mixed with experience creates wisdom, and it is wisdom that makes successful filmmakers.”

Jeremy Lawton, a BA (Hons) Digital Film Production student said: “It was hugely beneficial for us to hear from someone like Iain because of his honest and realistic way of looking at the industry.”

Simon King, a student also studying digital film said: “I thoroughly enjoyed it and learned a huge amount of invaluable information.” 

Paul Moody, Senior Lecturer, BA (Hons) Digital Film Production, said: “It is vital that Ravensbourne students hear from and interact with leading industry figures such as Iain to gain useful insights on how to make the most of their current work and prepare for careers post graduation. I aim to bring in more industry luminaries for masterclasses and teaching sessions.”

In collaboration with BA (Hons) Editing and Post Production:

Eddie Hamilton

Monday 27 February

We're delighted that Eddie Hamilton is taking time out from editing "Kingsmen: The Golden Circle", to come to Ravensbourne and talk about his cutting career.

Eddie has become something of a specialist in editing high-octane action films such as X-Men: First ClassKick-AssMission: Impossible - Rogue Nation, and many more.

How do you cut kinetic? Come find out!

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In collaboration with BA (Hons) Fashion Promotion:

Harris Elliott

Wednesday 22 February

Harris Elliott, is a London based multidisciplinary artist, curator and stylist who conceives and delivers gallery shows, installations, advertising and music campaigns for a wide range of global clients. Culture and art inspires the Harris Elliott aesthetic. Harris is co-creator of the touring exhibition "Return of the Rudeboy", curator of "Punk in Translation" and creative director for Kate Tempest, Let Them Eat Chaos.

Walker Space, 6.00pm

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Ravensbourne Students' Union in collaboration with Incubation will be hosting “Market Place – The Place to Find Talent” on Wednesday 15 March from 2.00pm - 6.00pm on level 4.

The event will give over 30 of the best students from all courses (including FE, UG, PG and startups) with a diverse set of skills and innovative ideas, the opportunity to showcase their products in areas such as architecture, graphic design, fashion, content production and more. There will be around 200 visitors including the local business community, professionals and practitioners in the industry, and the partners who support Incubation and the Students' Union.  

This is a great opportunity for students to gain exposure from customers and future employers and to open the door for collaborative opportunities with Incubation companies on innovative projects in the fast moving digital creative industry. They will also be automatically shortlisted for the Incubation Lite Award with the opportunity to receive Incubation space and support for one-year (worth £15K) and win cash prizes of £1K.

Market Place is sponsored by the Canary Wharf Group Plc and the Arts & Public Affair Team will also be holding an exhibition stand to present the projects and activities they conduct at the Wharf.

Interested? You can enter the competition by completing the brief on the back of the application form and post it in the ballot box at the SU office, ground floor. Alternatively, students can scan the form and email it to SU or Incubation.

The competition closing date is Friday 24 February.

Best of luck to all the Market Place competitors!

Ravensbourne broadcast and television production students recently had the opportunity to film the unveiling of a bronze history plaque in central London to mark the 91st anniversary of the first public demonstration of television.

The students gathered at Frith Street where engineer and inventor John Logie Baird gave the world’s first demonstration of live television at his home on 22 January 1926 to members of the Royal Institution. Baird used the first floor as a workshop during 1924-1926 and in 1930 the BBC adopted Baird’s system for its first television broadcast service in 1930.

The unveiling of the plaque was part of a wider event organised by IEEE, the world’s largest professional association which aims to advance innovation and technological excellence for the benefit of humanity.

The students were asked to film the plaque’s reveal which had to be edited and delivered to IEEE the same day to be screened at an event which celebrated the evolution of television through to the digital age and featured key industry speakers from IEEE and Sky.

Producer and Editor of the film and BA (Hons) Digital Television Production student Matt Wright said: “This was a great opportunity for myself and other TV production students.

“Turning around the film the same day meant coordinating the production, arranging the crew, liaising with IEEE and businesses on location which was a great challenge. We were taught to treat IEEE like clients and learnt how to work as professionals working in the industry.

“It was a fantastic day and a real honour to be filming something about the founder of what I’m studying today.”

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